Reliability Analysis

Sest, Inc has capabilities to perform deterministic, reliability and probabilistic analyses of structures, components, and engineered systems comprising of different disciplines to evaluate and predict the life, performance, and risk of failure. Sest, Inc. reliability and risk assessment capabilities cover different disciplines at component as well as system levels. Sest staff has demonstrated expertise and results oriented capabilities in the area of reliability/risk assessment. Our staff has published several technical papers related to research and applications of different reliability based approaches to the real world component/system designs and identified its benefits.

Sest capabilities include conventional and physics-based reliability modeling approaches. Physics-based approaches simulate uncertainties in the design variables at the component level and heuristically carries all the way to the system level. In the process, sensitivities of the basic design variables on the component and system reliability are quantified that enables the designer, project managers, material manufacturers, fabricators and program managers to know the high pay-off variables to the reliability at all levels and help their decision process.

Besides performing the reliability/risk assessment, our staff is continuously engaged in developing state-of-the-art methodologies to further enhance the current approaches or develop new reliability approaches to develop faster, better, and less expensive ways to design, manufacture, and maintain components and systems. Our engineers have developed software tools implementing these approaches and integrated with many commercial software packages. Our philosophy focuses on validating analysis results with the available test data as well as designing experiments in order to develop a stronger confidence in the designs and critical missions.

Following is a short list of our capabilities in reliability/risk assessment areas:

Our work in the field of reliability covers aeronautics and aerospace component and systems.