Finite Element Simulation

Nowadays, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is widely used in reducing prototyping and testing costs and accelerating systems and components design.  It allows understanding of the deformation behavior in the complex structures.

Sest, Inc. has extensive capability and experience in finite element modeling and simulation to analyze multi-physics problems in many applications. With this background, Sest engineers work with customers to determine the best approach to addressing their specific need for either thermal, structural or multi-physics simulation.  Along with finite element simulation we provides clear interpretation of an approach taken and results so the analysis is meaningful to customers.

Sest, Inc. recognizes the challenge of balancing model complexity and detail with accuracy, speed of execution, and ease of use. As with any simulation, model validation is an important part of the process. We work with customers to develop the right approach to meet their specific needs for proper materials characterization using user defined subroutines.

Sest, Inc. also exploits FEA in probabilistic and reliability analyses to generate required responses with further application with the Monte Carlo methods and/or Fast Probabilistic Integration tools.