Sest, Inc. is a small business aerospace engineering company. Sest offers a full range of aerospace research & development, engineering and support services to the government and private sector.Sest services include:

Sest is a nimble and customer focused organization.  The vision of Sest, Inc. is to supply superior engineered solutions to its customers. The mission of Sest, Inc. is to supply analysis for the space and aerospace markets in the areas of quality, reliability and advanced material science.  The core competencies of Sest, Inc. are:

Our management and technical staff is highly qualified and responsive to the customer needs efficiently and economically.  Sest, Inc. and its staff have received many awards for excellent services and achievements and proud of it’s ethnically diverse working groups. Our mission is to provide excellence in engineering in a cost-effective and responsive manner with professionalism and integrity to our customers.  Sest strives to achieve the best for the company and its customers.

Sest management team is committed to reinvesting back into the company.  This can be demonstrated by its commitment to professional certification initiatives, advanced engineering education, and company infrastructure investment in the areas of safety, quality assurance and reliability engineering.

Sest is well positioned in the Cleveland metropolitan area with a stable expanding workforce.  Sest has adequate materials, supplies and facilities to meet current and future needs. 

The leadership of Sest is able and willing to add additional resources and facilities to meet any and all contractual requirements.  For more information please contact Mr. Ashwin Shah at (440) 777-9777.